I’ve been interested in bicycles and cycling all my life. Visiting Italy a couple of years ago, a beautiful single speed bike caught my eye. It turned out to be a rebuild of a classic Colgano, with a steel lugged frame and some beautiful vintage parts. A great example of retro design that made we wonder: How cool would it be if I could build something like this myself?

In the following weeks in Italy, I managed to buy a box full of vintage parts from brands like Campagnolo, Cinelli and Brooks. Back in Holland I bought a rusty 30 year old Gazelle and started my first project: Blue Bird. With great pleasure, passion and attention I did my very best to turn it into something special, unique and great to ride. Not many things are more satisfying than riding a bicycle that you’ve put a little effort into building. Unfortunately, I can’t keep them all to myself and hope that each of these beautiful bikes will find its way to someone who’ll use it with pride and care.

Marc van Hooft – founder of retrobicycles.nl